An umbrella term used to describe a huge global industry, in its most basic form, logistics is simply the process of planning and implementing the efficient movement, transportation, storage and distribution of goods, typically from one point of origin to a separate point of consumption. Covering everything from road haulage and air freight to warehousing, packing and distribution, the ultimate goal of logistics is to ensure customer expectations and requirements are met in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner.

In this blog, we explain the definition of logistics before looking at the logistics industry in more detail. 

What is the definition of logistics?

As touched upon above, logistics refers to all processes involved in the coordination and transport of people or resources – be that individuals, goods, raw materials, products or equipment – from one location to another. 

Traditionally used to describe the movement of military personnel, goods and weaponry, in the modern world logistics is more commonly applied to the transport, storage and distribution of commercially available goods within different supply chains. For this reason, logistics is an essential cog that keeps the global economy moving. 

Although some companies choose to manage their own logistics services, the majority of day-to-day commercial logistics is carried out by specialised logistics companies, such as Freightline Carriers. With the growth of international business during the 20th century, and then the explosion of online retail in more recent years, the need for efficient, cost-effective professional logistics services has never been greater. The logistics industry has grown rapidly as a result of this. This has contributed to the rapid growth of the logistics industry.

What is the logistics industry?

Part of the wider transport sector, the logistics industry is made up of both private and public organisations that provide professional logistics services. As covered above, these services can include everything from road and air freight solutions to warehousing and distribution services. 

The logistics businesses that sit inside this industry typically work alongside organisations from other industries, such as retail, pharmaceuticals, events and automotives, to provide specialist advice and solutions to an array of logistical challenges. As the face of modern business continues to change, becoming more fast-paced and consumer-driven, the logistics industry continues to become increasingly significant. This has allowed many companies to carve out a lucrative area of the economy to operate within. Indeed, the UK freight and logistics industry is expected to grow by 2.5 per cent before 2026. 

Here at Freightline Carriers, we are dedicated logistics specialists that sit at the very vanguard of the logistics industry. We work with a wide range of diverse business partners from a broad spectrum of industries. This, combined with our unrivalled level of experience and seasoned team of industry professionals, ensures we fully understand and appreciate the sometimes complex and unique needs and expectations of clients from an array of industries. 

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