Although traditionally part of the broader transport industry, logistical services now play a crucial role in today’s fast-paced and consumer-driven business environment, not only here in the UK but also across the world. 

Is logistics an industry?

In short, yes. Working alongside other industries, such as retail, pharmaceuticals, events, automotives and more, logistical services have become one of the most vital aspects of modern commerce. As such, this sector has been able to carve out a significant and lucrative area of the economy to operate within in recent years, becoming an industry in its own right.

As a dedicated logistics specialist, here at Freightline Carriers we work with a broad and diverse range of different industries and understand the logistical needs, challenges and best practices associated with each. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the largest industries we collaborate with and specifically how our logistical services work in each field and why they are so vital.

 What does logistics mean in retail?

Logistics play a huge role in the retail industry. Impacting every phase of the retail supply chain, logistical processes are needed for everything from ensuring the transportation of goods and products from warehouses and stores directly to customers takes place on time, to making sure these products are stored correctly.

With multichannel commerce platforms, increasingly demanding customers and hyper-competitive markets, the need for seamless logistical processes in the retail industry has never been greater. After all, even the slightest freight damage during transportation, delivery or storage can cost retailers not only money, but also their reputation, which can lead to a loss of business. At Freightline Carriers, our retail logistical services allow us to oversee the entire logistical process of your retail business, improving every phase of your supply chain. 

a warehouse manager discusses logistics with a colleague

 What does logistics mean in events?

When it comes to events, logistics are essential. Impacting everything from procurement and operational planning to transportation, freight carrying and disposal, logistical processes are needed throughout the entire lifecycle of an event to ensure it runs smoothly and exactly as planned. 

Whether you have stands, promotional materials, AV equipment and other gear to transport to and from a physical location or you are looking for facilities to store and house exhibits before and after an event, event logistics has a solution. At Freightline Carriers, for example, our services can be used at every stage of an event and include ensuring that shipments arrive at the destination safely and on time, complete with shipment tracking features that allow event managers to get real-time journey information from collection to delivery.

What is automotive logistics?

Success in the automotive industry is largely driven by the speed, timing and cost-effectiveness of your processes. This means that when it comes to getting the components and vehicles where they need to be, having a trusted and reliable logistics service in place is paramount. These processes are known as automotive logistics. 

From logistics solutions designed to dovetail with the ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing and delivery methods common within the industry to ensuring that your components and parts arrive at the right time and in the correct sequence, even the slightest error in automotive logistics can throw a whole operation off balance and cost an automotive company a lot of money. Luckily, specialist logistic firms, such as Freightline Carriers, offer bespoke automotive logistic services capable of transporting items from point A to B as part of a fast and seamless process, allowing business to run smoothly.

What is pharmaceutical logistics?

Pharmaceutical logistics refers to the management of the flow of medical and healthcare resources between their origin and their final destination. As well as the transportation of these items, pharmaceutical logistics also covers any specialist storage requirements and real-time monitoring technologies needed to ensure no damage occurs. 

Whether talking about moving standard medical devices, drugs and pharmaceuticals from a supplier’s warehouse to a hospital, or transporting biomaterials, such as organs ready for human transplant or hazardous bio-waste that needs to be disposed of at a specific facility, specialist pharmaceutical logistics processes need to be put in place. This is because hospitals, clinics, surgeries and other healthcare centres not only have to ensure the business aspect of their operation runs smoothly, but they also need to guarantee the safety of their patients/clients and comply with any relevant laws and regulations.

Typically, pharmaceutical logistics processes are outsourced to specialist logistics companies who will manage and oversee all aspects of the supply chain. Here at Freightline Carriers, our comprehensive healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics services use real-time monitoring technology to make sure that the process of transporting items is quick, safe, easy and cost effective.