We are thrilled to announce that we are supporting Treedom!

As we continue on our journey to strive towards sustainability, we have pledged to grow trees worldwide by partnering with Treedom. Treedom is a platform that allows anyone to plant trees from a distance and follow the story of the project online. Treedom also allows the owners of the planted trees to receive images of the trees that have just been planted along with their GPS coordinates and updates from the project.

Treedom directly finances agroforestry projects throughout the territory. The philosophy is to establish sustainable ecosystems and allow thousands of farmers to support the initial costs of planting new trees, ensuring food autonomy and income opportunities over time.

We are truly inspired by the remarkable work of Treedom and their commitment to making the planet greener. By supporting this chosen charity, we hope to raise funds and contribute to their mission of reducing CO2 emissions and bring about awareness of the environmental benefits, at both a local and global level. Together, we can make a difference..

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